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Nine Signs Your Co-Workers are Creating a Toxic Culture

We often link toxic work cultures to a few toxic employees within an organization. The reality is that the environment and culture of the organization must be already damaged for these people to have a dominating and lasting effect. Corrupt colleagues...

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Yes, Your Boss Can Give You PTSD!

The reality of workplace bullying, abuse, and harassment is becoming accepted because of the #MeToo movement. The psychological harm trauma causes someone at work is being recognized, but it remains rare for the damage to be acknowledged as PTSD. 

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Preparing employees to respond to traumatic incidents

Organizations can help prepare leaders and employees to respond to traumatic incidents to help reduce the potential negative effect on their own mental health. Employers cannot guarantee that employees will never be exposed to trauma in the workplace....

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PTSD Treatment Categories

This blog post explores the most common PTSD treatment categories. I'll cover: Coping and Supportive Management Treatments Strengthening and Tone Work Treatments Healing and Resolution Treatments Medication-Assisted Treatments Rebuilding and...

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PTSD Myths. Separating Fact from Fiction.

PTSD is often misunderstood because PTSD survivors typically resist telling their friends or loved ones about their diagnosis because they are afraid they will be viewed as dangerous or unstable. PTSD survivors may resist treatment because they believe...

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